January Mission Trip, 2018

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At the start of the year, Haitian Heritage & Friends of Haiti (HHFoH) traveled to Cap-Haitien, Haiti for another mobile clinic and to start preparing for the new medical clinic. The organization brought volunteers along with a group from Elon University.

On this particular trip, HHFoH was able to see a total of 305 patients at the mobile medical clinic over the course of three days. Within these 305 patients, 122 were female, 62 were young girls, 55 were men, and 66 were young boys. Patients came to the clinic with a variety of pains and troubles. The most common issues that arose were infections due to poor hygiene.Patients who suffered serious illness or injury were sent to local hospitals for further evaluation and treatment

Supplies were handed out throughout the trip; 92 people received glasses and 250 hygiene kits were distributed.

Not only was this trip made in order to hold another mobile clinic, but to also prepare for the new permanent clinic that the organization is preparing to build. The new clinic site was looked at and two storage containers were placed on the land. HHFoH is an organization that focuses on integrating the lives of the Haitian community in Charlotte and rebuilding the lives of those in Haiti. The Medical Clinic and Mobile Clinic are the first steps to rebuilding Haiti as a whole. “Start with a medical clinic. Once everyone is taken care of, move on to education, agriculture, etc.” said Sabine Guerrier, President of HHFoH. “You have to be of sound mind and body before you can begin to do anything else.”

The new clinic will be in the northern area of Haiti. For more information on Saint Se Riches, visit Medical Clinic page.

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