Who We Are

Haitian Heritage & Friends of Haiti (HHFoH) is a grassroots community based 501(c)3 non-profit organization strongly committed to strengthen and improve the quality of life of the Haitian Community in the Charlotte Metropolitan area and beyond.

Our mission is to help rebuild the Haitian Community in Haiti and in Charlotte.

We will accomplish our mission through education, social services, advocacy, community support, leadership development, community organizing, and by establishing alliances with other organizations in the community at large while promoting our heritage and more.



Sabine Guerrier grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but moved to the United States in 1985 to be closer to her mom and sisters. Sabine graduated from Washington Irving High School in Manhattan and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration from Bernard Baruch College in New York.

In 2003, Sabine moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to be closer to her sister. There, she attended Pfeiffer University and earned a dual Master’s degree in Business Administration and Health Administration. In 2008, she went back to Haiti to serve as a Hospital Administrator where she catered to children who had Tuberculosis, were HIV positive, and suffered from malnutrition. After living in Haiti for one year, Sabine moved back to Charlotte. In the summer of 2009, she founded Haitian Heritage & Friends of Haiti (HHFoH) to help give back to the Haitian community in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. However, after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, the goals of the organization shifted to providing Haiti with relief efforts while continuing working with the Haitian community in Charlotte. In 2010, Sabine was named “Hero of the Year” by the Charlotte Observer newspaper for her work in the community and beyond. Through her leadership, HHFoH has seen new heights and is working hard to continue rebuilding Haiti and helping Haitians in Charlotte and the greater Carolinas.

Thomas Hall

Vice President
Thomas Hall received his M.A. in Health Administration and was a HNC paramedic for 33 years. Tom is also trained in special response to disaster situations and has served on a National Disaster Medical Assistant team for 15 years. Currently he is the Performance Improvement Coordinator with Carolina's Healthcare System.

Naomie Pascal

Naomie Pascal has an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences and a B.S. in Health Services Administration. Naomie has 16 years of experience in trauma radiology, operating room, fluoroscopy, and CT scan radiology.

Fatou Gaye

Fatou Gaye is a Senior Financial Analyst for TIAA-CREF with 10 years previous work experience as Senior Financial Analyst and Accountant for Bank of America, Carolinas Healthcare System and Mecklenburg County Health Department. She has a MBA and MHA.

Dr. Martineau Guerrier, MD

Dr. Martineau Guerrier, MD was the former Senator of Republic of Haiti, former Chief Operating Officer at CAT, and Chief of Reduction of Drug Dependency. He is a physician with experience in Community Health and programs aiming at reducing the incidence and prevalence of Tuberculosis.

Dr. Jean Myrto Julien, MD

Dr. Jean Myrto Julien, MD MBA/HCM is a physician with strong public health and disaster management experience. He is the Former Health District Director for the North of Haiti, and the Former Head of the multi-sector Committee in charge of Disaster Mitigation and Management in the North of Haiti. He started the first disaster response and rescue unit in the North Department.

Harold Eustache

Chief Legal Counsel
Harold Eustache is currently a partner in the law firm of Eustache & James LLP, President & CEO of PharmaSalesPro, Inc. and President & CEO at Pharmaceutical Purchasing Consultants, Inc. He has a B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University and a J.D. from North Carolina Central University School of Law.

Victoria Yeghoyan

Member At-Large
Victoria Yeghoyan is a Member At-Large of HHFoH and a Reverend. Her last job was in Leogane, Haiti where she worked for PC/USA (Presbyterian Church) as the Coordinator of Visiting Teams at Hopital Sainte Croix. Victoria also works with a small non-profit in Haiti, The Progressive Women of Leogane.

Casey Flack

Board Member
Casey Flack graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.A. in Psychology in 2007 and a Masters’ of Special Education in 2010. She has worked as a Special Education teacher in North Carolina for 7 years, working with a wide range of ability levels and individuals across the Autism Spectrum during her time in the public sector.

Rebecca Baker

Board Member
Rebecca Baker has spent 30+ years in the healthcare industry. Her varied background includes EMS, substance abuse services, poison center, ICU, disaster medicine and nursing administration. She currently serves as a nursing specialist.

Hanslay St. Germain

Youth Chair
Hanslay St. Germain is the Youth Chair of HHFoH. Hanslay is a full time college student at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte. He currently works for the Beasley Media Group, Inc.


Haitian Heritage & Friends of Haiti (HHFoH) was founded in the summer of 2009 by Sabine Guerrier and other members of the community. After an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, the focus of the organization shifted to providing relief and rebuilding efforts in Haiti, while also integrating the Haitian Community in Charlotte.

HHFoH has made about 10 trips since 2010 to help rebuild the healthcare system in Haiti. In addition to donating supplies; including an ambulance, basic necessities, and trailers full of equipment, HHFoH has also conducted medical trainings for nurses, we well as organized and facilitated mobile clinics in Cap-Haitien and other surrounding areas.

HHFoH has also hosted numerous events in Charlotte, including an annual commemorative event to remember the victims of the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, as well as a collaborative event with the French American Chamber of Commerce.

Haitian Heritage & Friends of Haiti was founded by President, Sabine Guerrier

July 1, 2009

HHFoH partnered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide income tax training to the Haitian Community in Charlotte.

September 1, 2009

HHFoH held informational sessions with the Department of Social Services (DSS) & Mental Health Association (MHA)

November 1, 2009

HHFoH partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to hold the Community Relations Executive Seminar Training (CREST) workshop with the Haitian Community in Charlotte

January 1, 2010

HHFoH partnered with the American Red Cross to participate in a Donors Appreciation Day Event

March 1, 2010

HHFoH shipped and donated an ambulance to a hospital in Haiti

June 1, 2011

HHFoH conducted EMS training for medical and non-medical personnel at a hospital in Haiti

September 1, 2011

HHFoH hosted its 2nd annual commemorative event in remembrance of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti

January 1, 2012

HHFoH provided a free healthcare clinic and distributed medicine to over 1,000 people in a rural area in Haiti

September 1, 2012

HHFoH hosted its 3rd annual commemorative event in remembrance of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti

January 1, 2013

HHFoH began drafting and planning their new medical clinic, “Sante Se Richés”

January 1, 2014

HHFoH partnered with the French Alliance & French Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the International Day of Francophonic

March 1, 2015

HHFoH sent relief kits with food, water, health, hygiene and school supplies to Haiti every month for a year after Hurricane Matthew

October 1, 2016

HHFoH conducted a Medical Clinic in Haiti where 305 patients were treated in three days by our medical volunteers from the U.S. and Haiti

January 1, 2018